i'm matthew knight
i'm a strategy hacker.

i like using play to work with people.

as a result, i've created a number of games over the years, which unlock different ideas. they're a result of years of thought and experimentation, and i'm happy to share them with others. you can buy them from me, or invite me to come and teach you how to use them.

angry farmer

created during my time at carat, this card game creates characters with which you can role play. brilliant for ice-breaking, scenario setting, and getting people into different mental states, making creative thought easier. two decks of cards, one with emotions, one with characters. combine and create.

channel mix

a deck of cards to help design ecosystems, and think about how brands manifest across wider sets of touchpoints and experiences. one deck of cards with 52 'channels'. use them to prompt idea generation, to test brand personality, and to rapidly build out ideas into bigger concepts.

manual of me

a deck of cards with powerful questions, based upon the larger product Manual of Me. used as prompts for conversations, self-reflection or team-building workshops, these questions can form the heart of a number of exercises, and encourage open dialogue between people.

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