I'm Matthew Knight.

I'm an independent strategist, mental health advocate and tinkerer.

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I help businesses like LEGO, Alva, Klarna, P&G and Accenture figure out what to do next.


I founded this award winning project supporting the mental health of the self-employed in 2017. Since then, we’ve helped over 70,000 people.

Manual of Me

I designed and built this platform which helps people explore and communication how to work better together.

i'm currently working on

_ digital and proposition strategy for a non-profit
_ proposition and brand strategy for a HR technology startup
_ comms strategy for a adtech startup
_ experience strategy for a leading kids brand
_ running an exec leadership workshop
_ customer experience mapping for a fintech
_ designing a freelance talent network for an agency brand

i've previously been

_ head of strategy and innovation for carat uk
_ creative strategist at yarned
_ interim head of digital at D&AD
_ technical creative director at W+K London
_ interim head of technology at endemol digital
_ founder / head of technology at award winning agency de-construct
_ senior developer at deepend

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Other things to know.

i'm also a dad of two, coffee nerd, bad programmer, good listener, i can't keep houseplants alive, eat too much ice cream, and my favourite smell is basil.

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Unoffice Hours

30 minutes to chat about anything you'd like.

Inspired by Dave Smyth's post, and feeling a the lack of serendipity, I've opened up my calendar to people who want to pop in and say hello.

No agenda, no structure, no aim - just wanting to connect.

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