Matthew Knight. Independent Strategy & Innovation Partner.

i explore the future and then make it happen sooner and better.

I've started two award winning creative businesses; I've helped organisations run and win game-changing pitches; I've designed, managed and developed strategy and innovation teams for top-tier agencies; I've helped brands move away from advertising and towards service ecosystems; I've helped teams redesign their culture and businesses redefine their outputs; I've established communities which have achieved the amazing: from creating global collaborative art to supporting the new independent workers; and designed and built a number of products from problem to prototype and beyond.

i've done this for small and large agencies, for new and established brands, for individuals and teams, for over 25 years - and picked up some awards, experience and wisdom along the way. i'll work with people who are looking toward the future of their business - and help them get there sooner.

i'm a keen advocate of the new work movement; have founded a global community called Leapers; am currently developing a platform to improve the mental health of independent workers; and earlier this year launched - a product to share how you work best with others.

available now for interim roles, contracts and project work.

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Founder of a community for those who are actively designing how they work.

Manual of Me

Product Concept and Development for this tool which helps people work better with you.


Strategic consultancy - product communication and marketing, and internal enablement.

Local Industries for P&G

Strategic consultancy - futures design and business behaviour change recommendations.

checkland kindleysides

Strategic consultancy - business immersion, observation, and project definition.


campaign strategy - audience work, campaign concept and emerging technologies exploration


founder - independent strategy and innovation support for businesses who want to explore the future, and then make it happen sooner.

one day curious

take part in a daily activity to help you break free of routine, bad habits, and creative ruts - and open your eyes to the world around you.

make brave happen

organisational culture audit, design and ongoing programme development for carat.


head of strategy and innovation at this leading media business - my role was to change the way our clients thought about communications, and what our agency could offer.


a project which aims to demystify data policies, and give you back control over what you share.


Founder - a small and surgical team of digital generalists working with brands including nike, diageo, cadbury, HP, accenture and Sony.

disposable memory project

a global collaborative art project - collectively travelling over 500,000 miles, and visiting more than 70 countries.


lovethink is a relationship creation platform which doesn't start with how someone looks, but how they think.


Discover surprising and delightful new things.

the 100

100 cameras, 100 strangers, aged from 1-100. over the course of one year, each participant was asked to capture a week in their life.

edges of london

what happens at the end of the tube line? there are over 45 'edges' of london, and my aim is to visit every single one of them.

a nice cup of...

there are some things which digital really cannot do well - and this was my attempt at making that right


co-founder of award winning global design agency

the visual dictionary

a collection of words in the real world. Photographs of signage, graffiti, advertising, tattoos, you name it, we're trying to catalogue it.


award winning developer at this iconic digital studio

more coming soon